Margin Financing


A secured credit facility which provides leverage for the trading of shares on SGX, BURSA, HKEX and US.

With a low initial outlay, clients have the flexibility to enhance their potential returns, with up to 3.5 times leverage on their capital outlay.

Why trade this product with CGS International?

Offerings available for this product

Local clients can enjoy a buying limit of up to 3.5 times of the cash collateral. Foreign clients can enjoy a buying limit of up to 2.66 times the cash collateral.

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Local clients can enjoy a buying limit of up to 2.5 times of the share collateral. Foreign clients can enjoy a buying limit of up to 1.66 times of the share collateral.

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Supported platform

CGS iTrade

An intuitive and interactive platform offering tools an investor would need for trading.

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CGS iTrade Mobile

A suite of mobile solutions platform on the go. Available on any smartphone or tablet devices (iOS and Android devices), such as placing orders, monitoring your stocks’ performances, viewing your investment portfolio and accessing real-time price and stock-related information on regional and global markets.
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CGS iTradePro

A platform with a comprehensive suite of innovative trading features as well as advanced technical and analysis charts, specially catered to meet the needs of sophisticated traders.
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Trading Representatives (TR)

Please contact your assigned TR or contact our friendly customer service personnel at 1800 538 9889 or +65 6538 9889 (overseas).

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No, all purchases done under Margin Trading Account will be financed.

No. But we can offer you separate short-term financing for subscriptions of Initial Public Offering (IPO), Rights or Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS).

Yes. Withdrawal of shares or cash is permitted by signing the Withdrawal Form, subject to approval if your margin % is above the maintenance margin or other maintenance margins as prescribed by CGS International Securities from time to time

Key Risks

The key risks associated with Margin Financing include the following. It is important to note that the list of risks is not exhaustive.
An investor trading on margin can lose more than the initial capital.
Interest Cost on margin loan might erode the gains made on Margined Securities. 
In a rising interest rate environment, the interest rate on the margin loans will head higher, adding to the interest load for the investors engage in margin trading.
Market conditions (e.g. illiquidity) and/or the operation of the rules of certain markets (e.g. the suspension of trading in any security because of price limits or trading halts) may increase the risk of loss by making it difficult or impossible to effect transactions or liquidate/offset positions.